Simple Ways to Create a Well Styled Coffee Table

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As the focal point of most living rooms, your coffee table can say a lot about you and your design style. Frequently restyling your coffee table is probably the most simple and cost efficient designer’s secret to infuse your room with a spark of personality and pizzazz.

We’ve assembled some striking photos, along with simple design rules, and included them in this blog. But we also know that our Creator’s Studio community members are a creative bunch with some spectacular DIY and design skills, so we look forward to your participation in the comments below.

  • Apartment Therapy has your coffee table design covered in this blog, with simple rules including incorporating pieces of varying heights, and using trays, bowls, and candles to create a pretty and functional tableau.

  • If a round coffee table has you stumped for design ideas, this blog by Studio McGee will take you through step-by-step instructions on first visualizing the layout as a triangle, then adding a focal point, and then creating layers with no more than 3 groupings.

  • This design group has some gorgeous photo examples on a variety of styling rules including balance, object height, forming grids, layering and stacking, monochromatic looks, greenery, natural elements, and using personal items to make your coffee table perfectly unique.

  • And if you’re wanting to create a rustic table-scape on a shoestring DIY budget, be sure to check out the @rustoleumusa Instagram account, which features this super-easy DIY table. It’s simply 3 pallets attached together, stained with Varathane Wood Stain, with casters attached to the bottom to make it moveable.


Happy styling!