Wintry Wreath Winners πŸ’š

Submitted to What's New

Team, we were hoping for a few great submissions when we planned out our wreath challenge - it's hard to know how much time our members have for creating and making this close to the holidays. πŸŽ„πŸ•Ž

We were absolutely delighted at gorgeous wreaths we saw as the submissions started rolling in, and we want to give a shout out to some of the unique designs our team was oohing and ahhing over.


@Bastler's Set Wide the Window (such a cool windowpane shape!)  

@SchreiberWI's Cardinal Christmas is a perfect combination of simplicity and elegance.

 @Chunky Mermaid's Put a Cork in It  wreath got our team thinking that we need to drink more wine! 🍷

@Sidhaynes Wintry Silver and White is delicate and fresh and oh so lovely πŸ€—

So many other ✨amazing ✨, unique and creative submissions including @Chelle's LGBTQI 🌈 Owl Wreath, @whitfordj's Snowflake Hubcap Wreath, @chula_marie's Steampunk Christmas Wreath, and @maryhunn's Dipped Wooden Tree Wreath….you know what? Just go check them all out if you haven’t yet – the creativity and inspiration of the wreaths in this challenge will have you scurrying to your workshops to create some new door decor!


In the end, our team had the supremely difficult task of narrowing it down to three winners. Congratulations, folks!

Best Overall

@missezbA Touch of GoldA+ for effort on this one, and the video tutorial is outstanding!


Best Use of Repurposed Materials

Remembering Dad@aunt clutter's bicycle wheel tribute to her late father got us right in the feels ❣️

Best Non-Traditional

@Karen Lawson, Pom Pom Wreath.  It's just soooo fluffy and pretty!

Thanks to each and every one one of you who participated in this challenge, stopped by to have a look and comment, and are making spirits bright in the Studio this holiday season. πŸŽ„βœ¨πŸ€—