Holiday Mural at Rust-Oleum Headquarters

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Hi Creator's!  I wanted to share this amazing project with you.  A Rust-Oleum employee created a magical mural at our headquarters. Kevin Senft, a Rust-Oleum graphic designer, hand-painted a mural covering more than 50 feet of interior glass windows! Senft created an almost 3D effect in the monochromatic piece. that's anchored by the Polar Express train.  The train appears to be charging right out of the 10-foot-high windows.


Using Testors Spray Chalk and other washable paints, Senft’s work is dominated by snow-capped mountains, giant pine trees, and charming country homes.

Working from his own sketches, Senft spent more than 12 hours on the project working entirely free-hand (which is amazing!). “It was pretty tiring but I’m glad it’s done and people are enjoying it,” Senft said. “I love spreading the holiday cheer.”

Once the holidays pass, his creation will succumb to glass cleaner but he says that’s okay. “I love the idea that the work is transitory,” he said. “It leaves people with memories and I’m already thinking of ideas for next year.”

I hope this beautiful creation brings a smile to your day.  I know it does for me every time I walk by it.