The Current Situation

This is a 4 level space on the side of our home that we have been working with for years. We come up with different ideas every year but we are never happy with the end result so we start over. We have patio block, retainer wall blocks, 1 nice tree, and 2 good 10 foot ×8 foot open areas for furniture and plants and of course a area under the tree for the zin garden.

What Would You Change?

We would like to tie this area into our new deck. Which is on the back of the house. Making it all work together. Refreshing all the block, updating the walk way and finishing the deck with some nice stairs.


These 4 different job sites was never ment to come together. But the way that it has worked out, to finish one you need to finish the other. LOL!(the story of my life) I have worked on one or another over the years and now it's time to put this baby to sleep. The deck is in place, the blocks, pavers, and retaining walls are all there so it's time to paint this beautiful picture.

Rust-Oleum Products?

Don' t know" links"but I would most of all use Rustoleum because that is ALL I USE! Non-skid paint for the deck, Krud Kutterhttp://WWW.RUSTOLEUM.COM products everything pressure washer to clean up likeDeck andconcrete cleaner 10xhttp://WWW.RUSTOLEUM.COM, stain for work station and other areas,board width roller kithttp://WWW.RUSTOLEUM.COM,RESTORE CRACK FILLERhttp://WWW.RUSTOLEUM.COM(just in case lol),3 colors of painthttp://WWW.RUSTOLEUM.COM, garage floor stain for the patioshttp://WWW.RUSTOLEUM.COM, cement color and non-slip products all by Rustoleumhttp://WWW.RUSTOLEUM.COM. Paver Rejuvenator http://WWW.RUSTOLEUM.COM(where I found all of this)-Restore 10x Advancedhttp://WWW.RUSTOLEM.COM Krud Kutter Anti-skid Texture Tint Base-Glosshttp://WWW.RUSTOLEUM.COM Rock Solid 10x DECK Resurfacerhttp://WWW.RUSTOLEUM.COM Rock Solid Start Wood Primerhttp://WWW.RUSTOLEUM.COM and of course the RUSTOLEUM T-SHIRT I got back a few months ago to work in.lmbo!

Other Products?

Don' t know the "links"but I would need to use more wood to build a garden tablehttp://WWW.RUSTOLEUM.COM with work area , stairs ,and hand rail, some sod in a few places, and cementhttp://WWW.RUSTOLEUM.COM to do some patch work. But the one product I would use the most of is LOVE to glue it all together...

The End Result

This would be the most beautiful place in the world! I have been working on it so long with the thought of how it would look when it was done. It would make me feel proud to show everyone what I done with my bare hands from dirt work to blockwork to wood to flowers All BY MYSELF! Then to share it with my family, close friends and with my Creator Studio friends would be way too much to even imagine! It would impact my life forever!...It would have to be a 30 min. movie on some DIY show to make it anymore real! Weather I win or lose this project WILL be finished in my life time!LMBO!(I would love to see it finished by 9/5 wouldn't you)

Other Documents?

Not Answered