Antique/Vintage 1950's Black & Leopard Print "Gossip Bench" a.k.a. Telephone Table w/ Nail Heads


This lovely piece I picked up for Free is an antique/ vintage 1950's "Gossip Bench" a.k.a. Telephone Table. I was browsing through Boston's Free Craigslist section on Thursday 7/27/17. I found an ad in Salem, MA that stated "Free Home Items". I replied with my cell number, a woman called me back and I literally only had to travel 7-8 blocks away from my home to see what she had- Wicked Awesome!! So, I got to her home, she found out I was an artist and was throwing furniture at me, I LOVED IT! This was one of the pieces she gave me. I was extremely grateful and thanked her immensely. 



New Purpose

I upcycled this item from old and drab to hip and upcoming! This bench can be used for an extremely gorgeous piece of Functional Art. I envisioned reviving this dull bench into a piece that would become bold, classy and somewhat "appropriately outrageous". I feel I have successfully completed the task at hand and I am proud of my finished product. I use Rust-Oleum products all the time, the products make my pieces marvelous.

Steps to Transform

1) Sanded Bench

2)Primed Bench 

3)Painted Bench Black

4)Clear Glossed Top of "Bench Table"

5)Hammered Nail Heads into piece

6)Reupholstered Bench Chair Seat

7)Measured and Cut Leopard Fabric for around Bench Table

8)Upholstered Leopard fabric onto Table 

9)Hot Glued Cored Gimp around Leopard fabric 

Rust-Oleum Products?

Other Products

-Sand Paper

-$3.00 Scrap of Leopard Print Fabric (I purchased this in the remanent department of a local high end fabric store)

-Black Cord Upholstery Gimp

-Hot Glue/Glue Gun

-Air Compressor/Staple Gun

-Upholster Hammer

-Nail Heads ($0.04 per nail)