Joy "13 points"

Community Choice

Community Choice

Describe your projects. Did you find the products easy to use? Which product did you prefer?

I decided to create holiday signs reflecting JOY. I found both the Classic Penetrating Stain and the Premium Fast Dry Stain to be very easy to use. I prefer the Fast Dry stain for most of the projects that I do, but there's a definite place for the Classic Stain. I found the Classic Stain to have more of an odor when applying. The odor went away when dry.
I also used Chalked Paint in Farmhouse Red and Linen White. Great products! I cut stencils on my Cricut machine (that's always an adventure) with the words "JOY". I applied the paint then after allowing it to dry, lightly sanded over both signs. Ok, maybe I got a little heavy handed on the Scrabble Tile one!

Which product would you reach for the next time? How come?

I really like both products, but would reach for the Premium Fast Dry Stain first. There is less of an odor and it's somewhat easier to apply. It goes on more like a thick paint, whereas the Classic Stain sinks into the wood quickly. Thanks so much for the opportunity to give these terrific stain products a try!