Kitchen update

Describe your project. How did it go? Were you satisfied with the results?

I updated my kitchen. This being said I decided to have some fun and incorporate some color and glitter. The bulk heads over my cabinets are  now moraccan blue with the clear iridescent glitter covering. I took progress photos of the many layers of glitter. Final result and at points during the application I was very concerned that this may not have been the right choice for the job. I used several different techniques to see what worked best in the end the larger the roller the better as well as working quickly gave me the best result or most even coverage. even the slightest overlap of the roller from a previous swipe left a very blotchy look to the glitter and that along with the way the light reflects off at every angle made a terrible combination. Up close or when the light hits just right the glitter is beautiful and takes on a entire different color, the photos are difficult to capture the true color and show how the lights reflects. 

Rate your overall experience with using the brush-on Glitter Paint on a scale of 1 - 10, with 1 being extremely dissatisfied and 10 being extremely satisfied.


How close is your finished project to the way that you imagined/hoped it would turn out?

Did you watch the how-to-video?


If yes, was it helpful? If no, why didn't you watch it?

Gave a few tips but I still had a very hard time getting even uniform coverage. 

Would you use brush-on glitter paint again?


If yes, on what type of project? If no, why not?

Something smaller .