“A Match Made In Heaven”

Which colors did you use in your final project?

Burnt Orange, Green Apple, Silver, Copper, Pearl White, Gold Rush

Describe your project. How did it go? Why did you choose those colors? How was the whole process?

For this challenge I decided to repaint a mismatched couple of statues that I had sitting around my house. 
I looked at them and they resembled each other quite nicely except their colors were all off kilter. So I decided to “pair” them with these beautiful paints. 

I used every color of the paints on both of them:
Burndt orange-
dry brushed over lady’s dress, hair, mans suit, stripes in mans scarf

Green Apple- lady’s mittens, ribbon on hat, lady’s blouse, buttons, mans boots, hat trim, mittens, buttons and coat trim and stripes in scarf. 

Silver- mans bell, present, lady’s caroling book pages, dry brushed over mans hair, buttons on mans hat. 
Copper— lady’s dress, mans suit, stripes in mans scarf. 

Pearl white- trim on lady’s dress, ribbon on lady’s hat, lady’s belt, mans scarf, 

Gold rush - ribbon on gift, caroling book, dry brushed lady’s dress, lady’s hair, stripes in scarf. 

I also used: 
acrylic satin Coal paint-
mans hair, buttons, boot trim. 

Americana acrylic Deep Burgundy: 
ladys lips, carol book. 

Tulip- Gold glitter: 
mans bell

The paints were perfect for this project and went on very nicely. 

It was really fun to turn them into a matching pair. 
I had picked up the lady at an auction for $2 a couple years ago and then I got the man at a yard sale this summer for $3.