Electrifying a Mid-Century Find


A few years back, I was moving into my first home. Like any new home buyer, I didn’t really have the money to buy new kitchen furniture as my home was 1970’s time capsule with a pretty groovy remodel job. So before moving in, I scouted some garage sales and found this chair for $2! To date it was the best purchase. This chair has been my kitchen chair, a make-up table chair and finally a do-it-yourselfer den staple. I don’t know about you, but when I am making, it is critical that I have a good chair and more importantly, I needed this chair to fit my vibe when I’m “making.” When this challenge was released I knew I had to work my skills on this special chair. I didn’t want to take this beloved chair apart, I tossed around the idea of painting it all one color. Then one day, I was admiring its shape and color of the wood and decided it needed some serious contrast. Insert my favorite Rust-oleum product, the Universal gloss white spray paint and the fluorescent yellow spray paint. I opted for the way more difficult way to freshen up this chair, it required several steps, lightly sanding areas for painting and applying LOTS of painter’s tape to all wood surfaces I was keeping wood. Then several coats of the glossy white spray paint and finished with my strategically placed neon yellow painted feet using my favorite paint companion, the spray grip. I dazzled the top of the chair and around the feet with some nail heads too. And my super stylish mid-century modern chair was all refreshed so I could get on with the business of creating beautiful things.

Rust-Oleum Products

Other Products

Since I was mainly focused on hightlighting the best parts of this chair, I only needed the Rust-oleum products and some decorative nailhead trim.