Finish Mantel to Coordinate with Stone Fireplace

Preparing the Surface

Sand mantel and corbels. Seal with light coat of varnish or primer.

Preparing & Mixing the Products

On the back surface of the mantel (the side that won't be visible), paint various combinations of paint colors that seem to come close to the stone colors. Be sure to label them with your mixing formula. Check the colors at different times of day to find the one that coordinates the best.

Once you have chosen the best color, paint a sample on a small board and take to the paint store and have it color matched. (I bought a quart and had plenty left over.)


Apply 2 coats to all sides. 

For the glaze, mix 1 cup clear mixing glaze to 2 tablespoons of a darker shade of paint. (One of the samples used in the trial and error phase should work fine.) Brush on, then wipe in long strokes with a soft cloth, leaving behind as much texture as you desire.


Finishing the Product

When dry, apply 1 or 2 coats clear matte poly. TIP: For a very smooth finish, use a piece of brown paper to gently "sand" the surface. 


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