Free desk antique style

Describe your project and your experience working with the Photo Transfer Medium

I got a free desk & had been waiting for a  project so thought this would be perfect. I was not a fan of the back or pen holder, so I removed those parts.
I knew that I wanted to paint it with chalk paint but because it had so many layers of various paint/wax/not sure what, I went ahead and gave it a good sanding, especially on top. Initially, I was going to paint the top white, but after two coats, I realized that it might not cover fully so I switched that to gray. Once I had the coats complete, I was ready for the pics. I had found the pic and printed it but I do not have a color laser printer so the flowers are black and white. I coated it in the photo transfer and used my mod podge roller to role out the excess. I guess I did not do enough though because I had a hard time removing just the paper. I ended up removing part of the image. This is what happens when you dont rest first. Oops.I just rolled with it, fixed it as best I could and sealed it with the chalk sealer spray paint.

What surface did you apply the Photo Transfer Medium to? Was it painted or treated with anything before you applied your photo?

I painted it with chalk paint. Rust o leum chalk paint, of course. :)