Along cane a Spider

Share your project details. What did you think when you first opened your mystery kit? How did you incorporate all of your materials?

When I open my mystery kit I thought how can I use all these in one project????  To incorporate all my materials I tried to think of things related to Halloween. 

Which items from your mystery kit did you use?

Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Textured Metallic Spray Paint in Moonlight Copper, Rust-Oleum Specialty Glitter Spray Paint in Harvest Orange, Rust-Oleum Specialty Glitter Spray Paint in Midnight Black, Rust-Oleum Specialty Color Shift Spray Paint in Galaxy Blue

List any other products (Rust-Oleum or otherwise) that you used to complete your project

 White spray paint 
 Black glossy spray paint 
 Black textured spray paint 
metallic paints
key lime spray paint