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Two questions please.

1- Availability?
Is there a current availability of true green colored Imagine glitter paint? Paint on formula, not spray. I can’t seem to find it available at any of my online supply sources. I only see aqua, unless aqua is considered green?

2-Shedding —Sealer recommendation?
Since I could not find the Imagine green glitter paint —>I chose to use conventional glitter white glued on 3 of my clay cutouts.

Is there a paint on or spray on sealer that might help stabilize the glue-applied-glitter that can tends to shed/fall off and cause an unwelcomed  household mess? I thought about using the Imagine clear iridescent but feel it would change the true green color of the shamrock. It would be preferred that the sealer might allow for the glitter to still sparkle.

🍀Thank you for any opinion or suggestion that you might have.🍀