Last minute sign for a friend!

Submitted to Community Chat

A good friend has been mentioning how much she likes those tall "WELCOME" signs.  I thought I'd try the new Varathane Briarsmoke stain that I just received and make her one. Luckily I had a five foot, 1x10" board so I got to work. The stain went on so easily with a rag. After a few minutes I wiped the excess off.  I made the letter stencils on my new Cricut and the next day I got to work. I used Rust-Oleum Linen White Chalked Paint for the lettering.  I lightly sanded around the letters to give it a rustic look. 

She loved the sign! I told her not to put it outside until I can figure out what exterior finish would work best on it. Any ideas? I know that the stain and paint are both made for interior use. Oh, I love the brown/gray color of the stain!