511 Impregnator

Submitted to Community Chat

I already completed form for the 511 impregnator, but I had no place for photos. I really wanted to post pictures because I can not say enough about 511 sealer(impregnator).  If you have used other sealer in the past, please give this a try. It truly is an amazing sealer.  My old dog has accidents because it’s actually past time that we say good bye to her but we are just building up the courage. In the meantime, every day we have clean up to do on the kitchen tile. I cleaned whole floor with bleach (will use the 511 grout & tile cleaner next time but did not have at the time), I let dry & then used the 511 impregnator & used the applicator & tray I was sent. It was fast & easy (only 3-5 minutes to do its job). It sealed the tile and grout like no other product I have used. 
Thank you rustoleum for letting me try this product and it will now be part of my maintenance products on hand at all time.