Make your own color

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So I've been trying to make my own colors with paint and today I used the white pearl in the metallic line from Rust-Oleum which by the way is one of my favorite colors of all time yes I consider white parole a color and if I could do my entire house and that I would but today I wanted to give it a turquoise Sheen so I added some acrylic paint and some alcohol ink to the paint and I tinted it myself and it turned out phenomenal like the sky's the limit now and the best part about it is that it kept the metallic look which I was concerned that it wouldn't but it kept the metallic look and that makes me over the moon happy Rust-Oleum paint is amazing if I could get a gallon or a 5 gallon bucket of the metallic white I would be the happiest girl in the entire world so I could make these beautiful colors and create things that come to my mind