Taking a trash can to the next level (ie taking a 1.99 trash can to fancy land).

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We are wrapping up the reno of our master bathroom (thank heavens...I am a bit over having my room look like a construction area!!).  We did all of this ourselves.  I will post the before and after pics soon.

I wanted a new trash can to match the new decor, but did not want to spend a ton of money on a trash can.  I had this Ikea 1.99 one already from before.  I grabbed a can of the hammered spray paint that I am ridicously addicted to (making sure I got the one slated to paint plastic) and went to town. 

I think it turned out perfectly and the cost even with the spray paint was WAY less than the ones online that run between 30 and 40 bucks!!  Plus it matches the shelves perfectly since that is what I used on them, as well!

Yeah for reusing things and saving money!