Tried A New Product

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So my mom's house is solid brick and concrete floors. Suddenly my son says mom gmas house every time we use our shower water ends up in sisters old room, help cuz there is now a funny smell. I then say how long has this been going on? To witch I am told long enough that it's going to be fun getting the papers off the floor. Like good lord kid...
So I grab my scraper, thank God my mom's house has zero carpet. I get there to discover that it's not even the frickin shower leaking it's the widows because of the house going through a major settling episode. Anyhow my husband gets mortar in a tube and fixes the window issue after digging the "caulking" that was used out.
I pull everything out from the walls to discover it has been leaking long enough the trim boards that was there was no longer attached like they should be, even though when installing them they decided to use more caulking and NO nails. Lol.. I managed to get the trim off, spray it down and get the wall, floor and area around it cleaned up. But then realized that there is absolutely no way that I could fit in that small space even as tiny as I am. So off I went to Walmart to figure something out to stop the mold and seal it back up til we could fix it correctly.
I found this stuff from Zinsser, I knew right away since it was a Rust-Oleum family product it would have to be good. I mean come on. It was the most expensive but the only option for a spray can.. I can say I am beyond impressed with this stuff. It sprays exactly where you want it, even holding the can upside down, there is hardly any smell at all, and best of all you can't even tell I sprayed it since the trim covers it up.. A day later you could not tell there was ever a water leak. No funny smell and no smell from this stuff..
My hope is that since they had this just maybe they will start carrying other products I need in my life from the Rust-Oleum Family, out here in small town Oklahoma...
Just wanted to give the all thumbs up for this stuff so others knew it worked amazing!!!!