Marbling, take 2.

Submitted to Community Chat

After my less than spectacular first foray into marbling, I had to try again.  These are dollar store decor with a little extra oomph.  The feature picture is the orb with the paint job only.  The other two pictures are with the LED lights doing their crazy thang.

I am much happier with how these came out.  I actually got the effect  I was looking for on both of them.

My lessons:

1) The darker the color the more medium you want to add.

2) Barely mix the combination.  When you think just one more stir will do it, you already went too far.

3) DO NOT be afraid to thin the acrylic paint with water a tad BEFORE mixing in the medium.  Some crazy stuff was happening when the paint was thinner than the medium.  I ran out of merch to marble so I don't have an example, but it looked cool in the little cup.

4) Egads, this is messy.  It is the perfect gift for someone else's kids.

These eyeballs are going in the big candy bowl.  I am surrounded by trick-or-treaters, but they never come to my house due to street geography.  I usually throw a bowl of candy on the porch.  I never really notice any of it missing when I return.  I'm hoping the glowing eyeballs will lure the kids into relieving me of six months of Twix for breakfast.  MWAHAHAHAHAHA!