Seashell Outdoor Table

Submitted to Community Chat

I wanted a small table to go between the lounge chairs I up cycled.I had a 20" terra cotta pot and I sprayed inside and out with Rustoleum 2x Clear Coat,I let it dry overnight then I painted it yellow with Rustoleum 2x. I purchased a bag of sand and a 24" glass top. I already had a bag shells.

A terra cotta pot is very heavy. I wanted to be able to move it around without hurting I gathered pieces of Styrofoam and cardboard to fill the pot 2/3 up from top, this would keep the pot from being too heavy.

I cut a circle from cardboard that fit pretty good on top. This step is so the sand doesn't just fall to bottom and become heavy.Not a perfect circle so I filled in sides with cardboard, then added the sand. You can judge yourself how much sand to put in. Once you have arranged the shells, put on the glass top.Then you just add your shells.

There you go! A perfect little outdoor table to go by your pool, patio, or anywhere else you could use a small table.