Just wanted to say thank you

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I just wanted to share this, my latest post to my business page. And to also thank the other members here that have made me feel at home. I wanted to take a minute and thank the Rustolium brand and Linda the director of their automotive brand in particular for taking time to conference call with me last week. I've been endeavouring to make Hillbilly Hydro a 100% American made company. This includes our suppliers. I caught their eye as a member of Creator Studio, a DIY blog organised by Rustolium. I had expressed my frustration at having a serious lack of variety and availability in some of the products I use. They not only took note. They reached out and actually cared about what i had to say and they're now friend and followers of Hillbilly Hydro. In today's fast paced world it says a lot about a company that takes the time to slow down and to take a interest in how their products are used and how to better serve their consumers. Rustolium has my respect, my loyalty, and if they have a product to fill my need, it will be their brand on my shelf. And, Made in America. www.facebook.com/hillbillyhydrographics