Memorial Day Weekend Project Plans

Submitted to Community Chat

Hey everyone! I hope you have wonderful plans (or plans to just relax) for this coming weekend.  I'm not sure if you remember, but this time last year we embarked on a HUGE project! Like LIFE CONSUMING! Ha. We're thankful that we had the opportunity for a BackYard Makeover and we're still thankful that we're DONE!

This year, we're starting in on another big project (but not nearly as big, I hope, as last year!). I'm super excited!! There's a stairway in our garage that leads to my husband's study and it's unfinished (unfortunately also kinda patched together); so hopefully by the end of the weekend it'll be looking nice, neat and finished off well.  We've never done several of the steps it takes to finishing this sort of work, so it'll be a good learning project  :-)


What are your plans?