I'm sorry I've been so undependable for everyone lately...

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I've promised a couple of write-ups on here and I haven't gotten either one finished yet, and I'm so sorry. I'm dealing with something that has me shook to my foundations and I'm just having a really hard time taking care of anything not directly in front of me that is demanding my immediate attention. If everyone will please be patient with me, I promise it will get better, I just need a little more time to get myself back to being me.
My wife passed away suddenly with no warning a few weeks ago, and I'm still trying to get myself to some form of just not being numb and hurting. I'm truly sorry for not being able to get to things. I promise to try to get some things done this weekend. I've probably brought the mood down hard, and I didn't mean to, but I feel like my friends on here would understand. I hope everyone is doing well, and again, I'll try to get my stuff done soon.