What are you doing to feel good for Christmas?

Submitted to Community Café

I try to do something every Christmas to just make myself feel good. This year it's a few extra presents for some kids that aren't going to get much.

I have two little boys in my neighborhood that are just great. They are both very well behaved in that way that is natural, not forced because they are afraid of getting in trouble.

Their mother just had a little girl, and she's having a lot of problems due to complications. I know they don't have much extra just by paying attention. So they are going to get some special stuff from Mr. Todd.

I've started printing a robot that was designed by a stem teacher, and the younger boy is getting a captain America infinity shield expressly printed to fit him properly. My wife and I found a baby toy that is a pink and purple robot, just because that's what everyone in town knows me for. Lol

Anyway, let's hear what you are doing just to get a warm feeling inside yourself. Don't be shy! Lol

And if anyone from Rust-Oleum would like to send me a couple of cans of midnight black metallic and a couple of cans of metallic white pearl mist for the captain America shield, it would help amazingly because I can't find either locally anymore. ;-)