2nd Dr. Seuss Cabinet

Submitted to Community Chat

I want to share my 2nd Dr. Seuss cabinet I just finished. The cabinet is an old dry sink. It has a back shelf. My 1st cabinet did not have a shelf. The before picture is not a black and white photo. The cabinet was that gray color. I paid $10 for it. 

I painted the interior of the top to look like an aquarium. Maybe the “aquarium” is too busy? There are 20+ Dr. Seuss characters hand drawn and painted on the entire cabinet. I did not add a Dr. Seuss saying to the top like I did on My 1st cabinet because I felt the top was busy enough to look at. The knobs were wood candle holders I found at Hobby Lobby for total cost of  $3.00  I painted them to look like the Cat in the Hat’s hat. 

I am always looking for the dry sink type cabinet. I think they make ideal cabinets for a kids room. This is solid heavy wood. 

I do Dr. Seuss because it’s gender neutral and you cannot find Dr. Seuss furniture in stores. Other kids character furniture is easy to find. 

I used Rust-Oleum products along with Painter brand paint pens and Apple Barrel acrylic paints. I love these paint pens. Would love to see Rust-Oleum produce paint pens. I posted an image of the products I used. 

Enjoy! (It’s listed for sale)