Upcycled Metal Cabinets

Submitted to Community Chat

In our garage, we pulled out side-by-side metal cabinets that came out of an old gas station that were beat up and rusted. Instead of taking them to the dump, my husband decided that he could use them to store the car and yard chemicals in. The plan was to stack them on top of each other about 3 feet off the ground so we could still have storage underneath them for the push mower.

I removed the handles and used Rust-Oleum Metallic Silver to paint them. We picked a Gloss Spring Green for the doors and Oil Rubbed Bronze for the rest of the cabinet.  I sprayed the doors first with the Green, then the sides and interior with the Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Once the metal cabinets were dry, my husband put the handles back on and we hung them on the wall and filled them up!

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