Pool side garden Fairies

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A local area festival is having a fairy garden contest, starting in August. You bring your fairy garden to them to display.

Well of course I had to get involved. I made a very small fairy garden. The fairy is only 1 inch sitting down. I used polymer clay. I added the details with Rust-Oleum’s Testors craft paint and Rust-Oleum crystal clear enamel. I figured I should make it maintenance free, because it will be out there a long time and I don’t know the watering situation.

Anyways I’ve made lots of fairy gardens for myself and for friends and family. I usually have a theme, usually real plants but not always. This theme of course is “Fairies at the pool”.

Wait a minute, new info just in. It’s a Fairy “HOUSE” contest. Well there goes my afternoon. Fairy pool house it is and the front lawn is already finished.

Decided to keep this little fairy garden decoration for my own garden. I like it a lot. Fits right in with all the other pieces in the big fairy garden.

A couple of the pictures are before I put the details on with the Rust-Oleum. You can see the difference.

update: Now I’ve added another fairy and a flower umbrella over the original fairy. I think I’m done now. :)