Acrylic pour gifts

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I love sending random small gifts in the mail to family and friends. Right before winter I bought a wood cutout bulk pallette for very cheap...I paid $35 for 250 small wood cutouts that I planned on making refrigerator magnets with. Attach a small magnet to the back and there you have it! I have been doing alot of acrylic pouring projects due to it being winter and too cold to spray spraint. I've made about 100 so far, and mailed about half those out, randomly. Going in order of the pics I posted: My aunt loves elephants, my brothers nickname is Ace and he likes roosters, 2 friends love llamas. The rest of the items I posted were not mailed but still gifted: My nephew wanted a cool red trash can, Done! The end table I did for our little hangout room in the basement so that's actually mine but the 2 pots were given away as a drawing I did in my plant group.
I really like the Testors acrylic paint, I just wish more colors were available. I don't feel they have as many as other brands but the quality of Testors is visibly better than the other brands which is why I keep using it and will mix colors to get what I need 😊