Sneak peak “The Gnome Easter Family”.

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Having fun planning the Easter bunny gnomes.
Here, I’m showing how I will be doing the gnomes all dressed up for Easter. 
To add the bunny the Mom gnome is holding, get a kit at Dollar Tree (pictured) to make the bunny and get an extra kit or two to use the ears for the gnomes. I put a video on YouTube with all the details to make this gnome family. I’m not really experienced on YouTube but it’s on my “The World of Colors” channel. :) It’s not a perfect video but hopefully it gets the ideas across on how I’m making the Easter gnomes.
I put this video on kinda early so I could remind people to get the pot of gold pots at dollar tree for the shoes and stock up a little before they stopped selling the St Patrick’s day things. The shoes, made out of the pot of gold pots, will be able to be used for all the gnomes just with different socks on them. So once you run out of the pots you can’t make the shoes that way. I have the video on YouTube especially to show how to make the shoes from the pot of gold pots at Dollar Tree. So with all that being said, Happy Valentines Day!! Lol