Ultra Flat Paint Please

Submitted to Community Chat

Hello, I love your Camouflage line.  I use them in a bit of an unconventional way.  I am a wargamer, hobbiest and content producer on YouTube (The Miniature's Paintbrush is my channel).  I use these camouflage paints because they bond to plastic and they are ultra flat (ultra flat paint is a huge in this hobby).  I promote usage of your product on my channel because, it's just that good (I just bought 8 cans of the Black and 8 more of the Earth Brown to bolster my existing vast collection of the line). I was hoping that you can develop a white, dark grey and light grey in the line.  I have attempted to use your other Rust-oleum white and grey primers but none are truly ultra flat, I find a satin sheen that simply will not do in this hobby. I'm a loyalist to this brand not only because of your superior product but also locally you have a plant near my home town.  Thank you for your time!