If you give a moose a muffin, homeowner style

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here's my story:
  My husband was mowing and hit a little rock
  The rock hit a window and broke it
  The window was old, ugly, and the cranks were broken
  We decided now was the time to buy a new window unit
  To change the whole window the siding needs to come down
  If I have a new window, I want my shutters to look nice
  To make my shutters look nice, they need to be painted
  Once my window is in and my shutters look nice, 
  I need to hang a new porch light.
  If I have a new porch light, i should get a new door bell ringer
  since everything else is new, I'd better paint the old brass doorknob
  Once that is all done my door mat will look shabby
  We will need to trim out the window on the inside
  If we are cutting trim, we might as well get the crown molding we have been wanting
  If I have new molding, I'm going to want new curtains to go with it.
  And that, my friends, is how mowing the lawn cost my whole tax return 

My question is...what is the best way to prep and paint my shutters?? lol