Homemade Christmas Ornaments

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Anything Rae Dunn seems to be over the top popular now.  I knew I could replicate her ornaments, and when all was said and done at a fraction of the cost!  

  • Clear glass ornaments
  •  Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint ~ Linen White (or any craft paint)
  •  Squeeze bottle (found mine at the grocery store for $1 - probably for ketchup/mustard)
  •  Vinyl (to make words)
  •  Cricut or any cutting machine (to cut out vinyl)
  •  Rubbing Alcohol (to clean ornaments before applying vinyl)

  1.  Carefully pour paint into squeeze bottle (can use a funnel)
  2.  After removing hangers, pour enough paint into ornament, and twirl around until covered
  3.  Any leftover paint in ornament can be poured into the next ornament to be filled
  4.  Repeat 2 and 3 until all ornaments are filled
  5.  Let dry for a day or two
  6.  Create your words (I used Cricut Design Space); chose Skinny font; cut vinyl; weed; apply transfer paper
  7.  Make small cuts with a scissor between each letter and on the sides (this helps in having the words lay flat on the rounded ornament
  8.  Clean the outside of each ornament with rubbing alcohol
  9.  Apply words to each ornament, rubbing the letters to give good adhesion
  10.  Replace hangers
  11.  Hang and enjoy

This really is a super easy process, but you do need to have a good dose of patience!