Let’s roll-Grandsons car- truck ramp/ bridge

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Toddler car/truck- tunnel -ramp track.
Last visit my grandson was playing with a vacuum cleaner box as a play surface to roll his cars and trucks downward.

Time to try a crafty diy.
Garage scraps and recycled ice cream tub formed into roadside track for toddler cars. Too young for HotWheels tracks- a custom made roadway length made.

Road- ramp diy
Scrap wood whiteboard from garage was primed with Bullseye 123
Two rope lengths sprayed with Testors black fabric paint
Primed wood sprayed with 2x black
Black painted ropes hot glued to painted boards outward edges to mimic guard rail to contain vehicles path rolling

Ice cream container cut out like a tunnel.
Foam pieces hot glued to exterior of the tub to add dimension 
Felt pocket base hot glued to bottom sides to make a sleeve for slip on placement
Paper mached craft paper over foam to form cave like tunnel.
Some paintable caulk placed in larger seams to smooth out the papers multiple layered edges
Tunnel sprayed ( excluding felt that was masked off) with 2x black
Stone effects sponged over solid black tunnel with foam makeup wedge using gray acrylics 


Attempting to prime ropes with paint on bullseye was unsuccessful, seemed to soak in. Spray on fabric paint was a perfect option for recoloring red rope.

Paper mache white glue decoupage craft paper taking forever to dry, placed in dryer/rack on heat cycle to speed up dry time with vast improvement in drying speed.

Tunnel designed as a removable slip-on sleeve that allows for conversion-removable to allow for differently sized trucks and cars to be used.
If -the fact that the tunnel is frustrating for his age (perhaps all the trucks cannot go under the tunnel) -it can be put away -being a removable accessory.

The roadway was not lined/ striped for two way traffic to allow for the flexibility of differently size vehicles as well.

Updated 9/10/20
Adding to loves truck theme is a Cricut stenciled T-shirt and a 651 vinyl decaled potty chair.