I heartily applaud the change on the 2X spray cans label making the sheen....le SATIN stand out so boldly. While the cans caps might try to assist as visual clues the new label design does that most effectively now with the latest enhancement. Thank you to the team that made the change possible! The sea of colors on the spray paint rainbows wall shelves is quite enticing- mesmerizing....and the newer label redesign helps to one to refocus!

Curious-How does one develop a sense of competency using typography? I am very unsure how fonts read, how they are specifically selected for commercial use and marketing. Are there rules for pleasing looks and user impact?

I am usually pretty clueless trying to chose fonts for vinyl cutting needs and not so sure how to develop this inadequacy. I am trying not to break down and email my professionally trained daughter who absolutely has a handle on this.