Update : Cricut to draw : metallic paint pens and Testors

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Update on Cricut Draw

Finishing up a few projects started months ago including this-metallic paint pen doodled/overdrawn image on black poster board. Original graphic outline was drawn by Cricut.

Decided to mount this over thrifted antique portrait from1880s in a heavy thick gold frame to make guest room less serious….👀haunted👀….for those sleeping directly below it.

Narrow cropped off-sized image is due to Cricut largest mat size capability, metallic paint pen traced over machine created image. Then mounted on larger background with Testors matte black paint which seems to match poster board coloration well. Evidence of shiny glued edges over painted.

I used this draw feature workaround for my chalkboard bulletin board, now this frame in the guest room. Its the same monogram pattern as my garden flag under our roadside mailbox.
Maybe next I will do something more personalized kid friendly for a switch out when grandkids visit.