Fall Decor with Testors Marbling

Submitted to Community Chat

Lately, I've been experimenting with paint pouring techniques using basic craft paint and a water-based paint thinner. Up to this point, I had not used a product specifically for this purpose. I've been looking forward to trying out the new Testors Marbling Medium and paints.

I thought the inclusion of the gold airbrush paint was an odd addition to the collection I received but soon realized, it helped to create amazing "cells" in the finished piece. 

I mixed all the paints in a 1 to 1 ration. One part paint to one part marbling medium. I did not mix the gold as it was thin enough right out of the bottle.

As you can see, I created three different sizes of "pumpkin" decor. I started with three wood rounds which I spray painted metallic rust. After mixing up the paints, I randomly poured them and tilted and turned the round until I was happy with the coverage. I finished the painting with a quick spritz of silicone spray to help create additional cells. 

I cut green wood blocks for the stems which I sanded lightly before attaching with hot glue. A little string and wire "tendrils" completed the look. I also found three plate stands, which I sprayed in the metallic rust, on which to display the pumpkins.