Spooky Pinterest images and Dollar Tree frames - distressed with paint and mechanical means

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Easy peasy

1-Spooky 4x6 B&W photo printed images Modpodged to Dollar Tree canvas panels

2-Modpodged matte coating over photos followed by distressing techniques - blotted with tissue removing areas while wet.
Imaged further distressed with Gator sander, razor knife to add scratches and worn aged look.
Gives image a unique faux old tin type look.
Some subtle brown washes and gray fly specking added.

3- Dollar tree frames primed and sprayed with Rustoleum Dark Brown Satin. 2X Matte Sealed. Aged washes of greenish yellow and gray ( Testors acrylic matte) applied to frame surface to dirty and age frame.

4-Modpodge photo mounted to frame ( not using the glass), optional rear frame easel removed.

5-Faux spiders and webs applied tacked on frame backside using hot glue

6- Jute cord attached to frames hanging hook as I normally mount these below my routine existing wall art hangings.

Another project completed
Different look than last year’s project where I made a wire spiderwebs and spider.

Might be a good idea to later update with handmade wired beaded spiders than using the plastic ones.