DIY Resolutions - Cabinets

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Happy New Year, Creators! From the looks of your DIY Resolutions submissions, we'll be seeing some amazing DIY projects in the Studio in 2019. 

We noticed that a few of you mentioned redoing your kitchens and cabinetry, so we thought we'd share some information about our Transformations product line (, along with a few of our members' inspiring past projects. 

Creators, have you redone your cabinets and other furniture, or do you hope to do so? Join us in the comments to share your cabinet transformations! 


Photos 1 and 2: LivingRichOnLess Flip House Kitchen using Cabinet Transformations before and after photos (

Photos 4 and 5: Project Goble Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Transformation before and after photos (

If you're adding a cabinet transformation to your 2019 DIY list, here's some product information to get you started:

Cabinet Transformations Light Refinishing System:

Cabinet Transformations Dark Refinishing System: