Hand carved Miniature carousel frog

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This is a miniature version of the carousel frog I carved. The first one I did is 36 Inches long and on rockers for my grandchildren. The miniature frog is painted a little different it actually has his pants on. The larger on had on camoflage pants. It's a replica design from the Herschall Spillman Carousel Co. hop toad inspired from a childrens story. He's a fun little guy in any size to carve and add your own touches to.

 I'm working on a Carousel cat that will be painted like my favorite kitty that passed away a couple months ago. I'm also off to Carvers camp at Pla-Mor camp ground in Bremen, IN. http://www.pla-mor.net/index.html                    https://indianawoodcarverssummercamp.wordpress.com/