Log Snowman

Submitted to Community Chat

I've had such fun making these log snowmen.  They're similar but each one has their own personalilty depending on the face and log size. They range from 10" to 14" tall. I started by finding 2 1/2" - 4" diameter logs that I cut into 2" slices. I used glue to connect them but a few came apart. I decided to drill a hole and use a 3/8 fluted dowel pin plus the glue. They aren't coming apart now! Originally, the first twenty or so that I made were left natural wood. I decided to lightly white wash some and wow, that looked great. 

The top of the hats are from about 1" diameter branches, cut to 2 inches. The brim is approximately a 3" diameter slice cut to about 1/4" - 1/2" thick. I left some hats natural but I really liked the way they looked when I painted them black. The Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover Flat Black paint was wonderful to work with!

I used the same 3/8"dowel pins painted orange to make the nose. Small stones collected from my yard became the eyes. I used an oil based paint pen to draw the mouth. Add the scarf and they're good to go!