Please Help Me With Craigslist Find

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I would really appreciate any HELP out there!!!! I purchased this set back in April for $15.00. It is worn out, but in good condition. It's teak underneath the old stain. I don't want to sand and put on a stain. I want color! If I could spray paint these I would be so happy because I know the colors I would use......but.....I don't know the best way I should paint these. Canned paint? or Spray Paint? 

I would love the opinion of all you great DIYers! 

So yesterday I picked up the paint I need at Home Depot. As you can see below, I am first spraying Zinsser Bulls Eye 1 2 3 plus primer. The wood on these are so dry and brittle, they look thirsty. Well, with this primer, I am hoping, that it will seal and keep whatever oils are inside....stay!

.'m sure some of you can feel for me on this one. I was sanding the table, and in the center, It split apart!!! So upside down it went. After some wood to hold in place on the bottom, and some screws, it's secure...Wow! No wonder it was $15 ! Still a good buy, even if I just had the chairs.