Screened Porch Progress

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Our screened porch is coming along.  It's kind of deja vu for me, we did the exact same thing 45 years ago at our previous house.  The cement and patio roof were already there, so we just had to build a kick wall, screens and door frames.  My hubby's health prevents him from helping, so a friend helped with the kickwall and door framing and then I finished from there.  We did realize later that we wanted to take out an old air conditioner that went into our laundry room.  It was here when we bought the house and didn't work anymore. This 74 year old struggled with trying to get it out for awhile and our back door neighbor noticed and was nice enough to come and help me lift it out.  Fortunately, I found a piece of wallboard that matched, so patching it was no problem, but the wood strip had to be cut down from a 2x4 because it was a full 1inch x 2.75 inch.  I finished off  all the inside posts at the bottom, adding wood and moulding (like I did for our front porch) before putting the moulding around the bottom of the walls.

We had an old banquet table that we bought 40 years ago and the metal was fine, but the top had come loose and was warping.  I bought some 1x 12's and used pocket holes to join them for a new top.  I managed to push the existing top down and put some new screws in to hold it; then I flipped the table and ran screws up into the new table top.  It all held together really well.  Finally painted it with Rust-oleum Vintage Teal (which I love).  I found some black metal chairs at Costco; but I'm thinking maybe I should paint them teal to match the table.  What do you think?

As you can see; the building and painting are finished, so now I'm working on furniture and decor.  This was a real challenge for me; but I'm loving the space.  We can now enjoy sitting outside without being buzz-bombed by flies and bees.  The photos never seem to show up in the order they are uploaded, but I guess you can figure it out.  That's one fix I would like to see, so that the photos are sequential.