Hydro dip painting

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Oh boy, I had to try this, but . . . 

What a mess, expensive, a mess, must have right item to paint, a mess, lots of time, a mess!  Practice did not make perfect, but I was using dried gourds.  Ugh. Too hard to push down into the pant/water mixture because they are so light. 

Must have a handle, must have lots of newspaper, wax paper, paper towels.  You can only do one item at a time and then you basically have to change the water.  Or you could spend 15 minutes cleaning your previously used water, but then it's too cold to use. 

On a good note, I like how they turned out for the most part, I am glad I tried it and will probably do it again with the right objects (ie heavy and with a handle) someday.  I tried using spray paint for one project where I dipped shells into it; I almost sufficated (I was outside) and that was even messier.  I did dip a small plastic spider in leftover water and I did a stone turtle (turned out good, I thought, see picture).

I used the TESTORS enamel paints.               RUBBER/LATEX GLOVES ARE A MUST!!!