Artsy guest room

Submitted to Community Chat

I'm working on this little guest room that will mostly be used by my daughter and son in law and two of my grandsons. I wanted it to be colorful and artsy. The Amethyst dresser ended up being a great piece for this room, not the original plan ( long story). While putting this room together I painted two black nightstands in RUST-OLEUM'S Serenity Blue, I love it!! What a great color. I can see why it's available premixed as so many people would want it. It looks great with the chalked Amethyst dresser in this room. I wanted this room to be a cute little colorful space. I still have to hang the curtains and the artwork but it's almost done. 
I got a really nice blow up mattress to go at the foot of the bed for my two small grandsons. I got identical bedding for the little twin bed as I had gotten for the queen bed, right down to the twin sized blue fluffy throw. Now how fun is that? Every time they come I can pop up the little twin bed and make it up special. In between visits it all stores up nicely in the closet. Anyways I love the Serenity Blue it really shows off in my guest room.
I added an extra picture of what it looks like coming from the guest room into the rest of the house. I didn't want the room to flow with the rest of the house but I wanted it to be a fun addition that looked nice in the house.