When you think of Halloween- What is the first image that comes to mind?

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Hey Guys!! 

I have been creating these colorful Halloween slates for a Vintage Market I am going to be a part of on 10/15.

I've attached pics of slates I have done that are hanging up around Salem, MA (at the Howling Wolf, Front Street Coffee Shop, and Witch Dr.) If you are planning to go to Salem this Halloween these places are awesome!!! ;-) 

When producing these slates I begin with Spray Paint Rust-oleum White Primer and Rust-oleum "Chalked" Ultra matte paint "Linen White". If you have never used their Chalk paint- GET IT!!! What a GREAT product!

So.... I am asking the community to take a second and comment.....

When you think of Halloween- What basic image (silhouette) comes to your mind? 

I think of "Bats".... 

Thanks for the help guys!! I appreciate your feedback!! Also- Do you guys like these slates?  

<3 Emma