Popcorn ceiling be GONE!

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Well my story begins with what I call a very old popcorn ceiling...LOL.  I was so sick of my old popcorn ceilings that I started to do some research to find an inexpensive way to replace it.  Lo and behold I found several inspiring tutorials on a cool way to do faux shiplap ceilings at the fraction of the original shiplap board cost.
I was super excited and enlisted the assistance of my nephew and son.  And so the work begins…..
I went to our local home improvement store and purchased (2) 4x8 sheets of ¼” sanded plywood and a couple of crown molding sticks.  Thought I would give the ceiling an added touch with the crown molding.
Now time to prep the ceiling – since this ceiling had not been painted we were able to take a bottle of warm water and spray it down.  After applying the water, we waiting for a brief moment and started to scrap with a trowel.  I was amazed; the old popcorn was coming off with ease!  What a beautiful site to see, however you will definitely want to put plastic down because removing this was messy!
Now time to prep the wood - We took the ¼ inches sanded plywood 4x8 sheets – on my table saw we ripped down to 6” strips long way .  Painted the edges with the off white color I was going to eventually paint the ceiling with.  (By painting the edges allows the paint to cover the area where the space will be in between the boards.  Such a time saver when I will be ready to paint the entire ceiling).
Applied adhesive to the back of the board and began brad nailing to the ceiling.  Each row of wood was staggered so the end lines didn’t line up evenly, since I like the more staggered look.  We continued to apply the boards till the entire ceiling was covered.
After the boards were all applied we cut the crown molding and attached to the ceiling.  Now the ceiling is all ready to paint!
As a side note on the crown molding - WOW was that a huge challenge.  I had no idea that cutting and applying crown molding to a ceiling was an art form!!   I can honestly say that this was the most time consuming part of the entire project.  I really learned a lot about doing crown molding, one that I’m sure I will not tackle for a long time.  
As for the ceiling, I am ready to do my dining room and kitchen I love it so much.  I will however hire someone for the crown molding part if I choose this trim method.  I’m thinking maybe just plan molding for that job.  Hahaha. 
Let me know what you think!
Happy project making!