Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerator

Submitted to Community Chat

I was sent some of the Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerator to try and I love it.  I'm currently redoing a front yard area and our porch - doing a nautical theme.  I decided to include some fishing buoys, using one to display our address.  I wanted the wood to look natural, so I used the wood accelerator.

This stuff works really quickly and is so easy to use.  I just brushed it on (went inside to eat) and after 20 minutes checked to find it had given the wood a natural weathered look.  I think the wood I used was Douglas Fir (they were pieces I had in my scrap bin).  One of the pieces was already painted, so I had to sand it down to bare wood to be able to use the accelerator.  They were reasonably aged with the first use, but I wanted to try a second coat just to see how dark they would get.  You can see the difference in the photos I posted.

My daughter needs a new address sign, so I'm going to use pine and see how the accelerator works on it.  I have some grey weathered stain, but this was a lot faster and easier -  you don't have to wipe it off like stain (and it's water cleanup).  Since this is going to be hanging off one of the porch columns and will be exposed to the weather, I finished with Triple Thick Glaze.

I'm not sure if the photos are going to load in chronolical order, but you can see they go from bare wood to the darkest color.