Marbling - Major Fail

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To start this off, I'm stubborn, and I SHALL overcome this marbling medium!!!  I plan on buying some more of this stuff today and go to Plan B & C!  As for the mess you see in the first photo, that's the final result of my first attempt at Testors Marbling Medium used with Testors craft paints that Rust-Oleum kindly sent me (thanks guys and gals).  What it was intended to be was the Houston Fall Skyline (more or less), that would be picture 2.  I thought it was going to turn out pretty cool (picture 3), but when I pulled my stencil off ALL of the paint came with it!  Note to self....and all you crafters....marbling medium does not like wood, not in the least, even wood that was painted with Chalked paint.

This too I shall overcome!!!

UPDATE:  None of my craft stores either didn't carry or were out of stock of the Testors Marbling Medium.  Guess I have to go with a Marbling Medium fail.  Bummer!