KRUD KUTTER kills it again!!!

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Since our weather has been so crummy for what seems like forever, I finally decided to tackle painting my kitchen cabinets. I started almost a month ago but since I can only do a little bit each day because of my limited physical abilities this project has become like a black hole for me, lol. I still have half of my doors to paint and then hang them all back up. 

The very first thing I did after taking them down and removing all of the hardware was to clean them all with KRUD KUTTER TSP and I can't rage enough about how awesome this product is and how easy it was to use. Simply spray it on and then wipe off all of the stuck on grease and whatever else flies around the kitchen and sticks to your cabinets. And it prepares the surfaces for painting so there's no sanding beforehand. What a lifesaver!!

I started painting with a color that I thought was the beautiful gray that I've been wanting but it seemed to be turning out purple. I kept thinking the color would change as it dried, but nope. I finally got to my second coat on the bases and asked my son what he thought and he said "Nope, still purple". In my gut I knew it wasn't going to turn out like I'd dreamed and after all this work I took my pouty self out and bought more paint. I asked 4 people in the store to make sure this was indeed gray and came back home and started over! :(. I LOVE the color now and can't wait to be finished! I purchase some new handles and hinges online and had to put a few handles on the drawers just to get a sneak peak!

I know the kitchen will look awesome when I finish so I just keep doing a little each day!