Question for the expert please

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Hello, I have a technical diagnostic question for the expert please.

My early summer 2018 Trash to Treasure project fishing pole lamp —apparently developed a new problem. I was wondering if you might educate me on why this happens and if it could be corrected some way.

Project details
List of paint products used can be viewed in photograph.
My project was completely- carefully paint-on-primed everywhere and allowed to dry -then spray painted and sealed. There was no problem with the finish immediately after the project as well as the year after.

Recently I noticed the very distal tip end of the plastic winder-thing ( sorry not sure of the technical name for the reel winder tip) on the rod, that small piece of hard plastic has become sticky?
Its circled in the photo.
Is there some sort of delayed incompatibility -that can occur?

The lamp is in my basement laundry room, my basement is fully finished and heated/air conditioned.

I have had this happen once before spray painting a plastic octopus toy- but the problem was more immediate. I ended up throwing it away unable to figure out a corrective remedy.

Many thanks for any explanation or advice you might offer fir the sticky plastic+ paint disease.......kindest regards Karen